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Indoor Wicker Chaise Lounge Chairs

Developing the fine art of relaxing comes easy with chaise lounge chairs. In rattan wicker, they take on a new level of character that combines sturdiness with a lovely visual. A chaise placed anywhere will define the space, which makes them a favorite for bedrooms. With their continued rise in popularity, however, they are gaining ground as definitive pieces for living areas and sun rooms. Indoor wicker chaise lounge chairs are also a wonderful solution for spaces that already have ample seating choices. While their history goes back centuries, wicker chaises retain their decadent appeal in any style. They may have been favored by the gods and were certainly the place for pharaohs to be pampered. Experts suggest that these first chaises, which combined sleeping with daytime reclining, were even made of wicker. Later, they would take more elaborate turns as ornate displays in wood and upholstery. In today’s living spaces, they can claim a rightfully beloved spot where the sun shines through or in a darker corner for stealing a nap.

The Victorian era retains its hold on beautiful wicker chaises for indoors. Signature elements include camel back shaping or wide rounded back edging paired with open lattice panels and arched skirting. These are delightful structural designs that can easily fit the sun room, beach house decor or more traditional surroundings. Simpler structured rattan chaises feature adjustable angling backs and open framing with wicker paneling at the foot. A wider range of finish choices, matched by fabric colors, will also help determine how they can best fit the style of decor.

Traditional indoor wicker chaises also include the familiar wing back that is every bit as fashionable as a standard chair. Wide paddle arms and supports crafted from solid cane complement the wrapped framing, dense basket weave detailing and classic braided trim.

Wood framed wicker chaises with closed patterns are among our more casual island inspired selections. Curving arms and flared wing extensions provide a wrap of comfort that extends to the fully-cushioned bed. In a natural finish, these display all the unique variations in warm tones that rattan produces.

Upscale tropical chaises are exquisite blends of rattan cane and woven fibers crafted from banana bark. Featuring gracious curves and decorative bindings, they offer amazing strength from frames that are carefully constructed in singles or multiple bundling for added durability. At every curve and arch, the cane has first been steamed, bent while flexible and then dried.

Rattan cane chaise lounges with pole construction adopt their looks from more formal furnishings. Saber legs with bundled cane and bindings offer elegant curvature at the base while arms receive a covering of densely woven abaca grasses. Exposed wood arms add a glistening finish to complement the other natural elements.

Many of our chaise lounge chairs include acrylic sealants as options for limited protection from the elements. Placed in a covered outdoor area, they provide seasonal comforts while reading or simply enjoying fresh air and a view. Included cushions offer many designer choices in colors and fabrics.