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Empire Resin Wicker Patio Furniture Set

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5 Piece Sanibel Dining Set

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Indoor Swivel Glider Chairs & Swivel Rockers

The ultimate comforts are set in motion when rattan swivel glider chairs find a spot whether in a corner, as a pairing or as part of a larger grouping at home or in commercial surroundings. At Wicker Home and Patio Furniture, our selections also deliver on premium styling with a taste of tropical, classic coastal and even nostalgic flair. When the time comes to settle in, whether for a few minutes or for hours of relaxation, these are sure to please anyone who longs for the soothing actions that only swivel chairs, gliders and rockers can provide.

Exotic locales ranging from the Pacific to the Atlantic are inspirations behind many of our featured styles, and a majority of the featured swivel seating choices comes as part of much larger collections that include living and dining room furnishings. Rattan cane, smaller poles and spliced core fibers that create dimensional wicker patterns are found in designs that all come together in shapely profiles. Look for curving armrests that flow seamlessly to mid-height and tall backs as well as flared and arching skirting that conceals sturdy base mechanisms.

Abaca grass is another tough fiber choice that is beautiful in its natural variegations while providing a dense weave that is also resilient and long-lasting. With frames completely encased, these can be classified as contemporary tropicals that are well-suited for any indoor setting. Gliders with swivel bases are perfect for corners or as part of larger conversation groupings.

Papasan-styled rattan swivel rockers are high-profile chairs that showcase rattan finished in warm lustrous hues of brown or lighter whitewashes that let the characteristics of this rugged plant species shine. Coiled bases are signature elements as are curving arms, bowl-shaped seats and curving backs that rise high to support single-piece custom tailored cushions. Some styles feature cane-only construction, while others incorporate wicker inlays as decorative enhancements. Inner steel mechanisms provide optimum performance.

With each of our wicker swivel chair styles, premium constructed one-piece cushions or two-piece sets are included. Fabric features range from basic to upgrades for added stain resistance along with a full selection of prints and solid colors. Brighten a space with vivid hues, select modern or traditional floral themes or choose among the festive stripes and richly detailed paisleys. For every setting and all locales, there will be a swivel chair with coordinating finish and textile choices that provide an exact fit.