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Picnic Baskets

Picnic baskets are the ideal accompaniment to a day of family fun, an outdoor gathering with friends, or a romantic afternoon or evening with someone special. Wicker Picnic Baskets are the starting point for a wonderful family outing, a romantic evening for two, or for an opportunity to enjoy quiet moments of solitude. Willow baskets share similar design characteristics such as leatherette trim, durable liners, and a collection of picnic essentials. The baskets differ in design and content providing you the opportunity to select the basket that best suits the occasion. The baskets are exquisitely attractive. A collection of these baskets would add beauty to your home decor. Their presence would encourage you to frequently make plans for a relaxing, fun, or romantic picnic. The Oxford and Piccadilly baskets would be ideal for a casual afternoon family picnic. You could meet friends for a picnic in an impressive manner carrying the Windsor picnic basket. This unique, sophisticated basket has place settings and coffee service for four. It would be a wonderful excuse for a breakfast picnic at sunrise with friends. Willow picnic baskets with service for two are great for fun adventures and romantic moments. The Kabrio Botanica basket would be a great choice for a casual afternoon picnic. It has an insulated lid and a uniquely attractive design. A gorgeous wine and cheese basket such as the Napa Botanica would be a wonderful wedding or anniversary gift. The Canterbury basket is an elegant, sophisticated and very impressive basket with service for two. The Vino basket with two insulated exterior beverage compartments stands ready for you to fill it with your favorite picnic food and make a spontaneous escape with someone special. Rather fill your own basket with your personalized amenities, we offer empty picnic baskets in a variety of sizes, from a suitcase design to the traditional style basket. This too, is a great gift idea for a special couple of your gift list. For a family picnic you may need an empty wicker picnic basket such as the 17 inch or 19 inch rattan picnic hamper. This basket is large enough to hold your family's favorite picnic food, plates, cups, napkins, and a light weight table cloth. If you plan a family adventure that involves a long drive, you can make the trip more pleasant by taking along a basket of snacks and sandwiches. A wicker basket with slanted double lids is ideal for children and adults to access the contents of the basket. Few events are more romantic than a picnic lunch at the lake or a picnic under the stars. A basket with wine bottle holders on the side is the ideal accessory for a romantic adventure. There's ample space for food on one side and the holders on the other side keep your wine bottles secure. Everyone deserves some quiet moments of solitude to reflect, dream, meditate, or simply sit and enjoy doing nothing. A very attractive, oval shaped, the two lid rattan picnic basket is perfect for packing a picnic or lunch for you. This basket could also be used as an alternative to the wine holder basket on a romantic afternoon or evening picnic. Wicker picnic food hampers should be at the top of your list of summer accessories to have on hand. On short notice, you can easily find items to fill the basket and dash out the door for a day of summer fun. Reminiscent of the baskets made of rattan found in the European markets, we offer a variety of shopping baskets that are great shopping companions when making a trip to a local farmers market to pick up some of the freshest fruits and vegetables of the season.