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Indoor Rattan and Wicker Sunroom Furniture Sets

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When sunrooms need an update, rattan is the perfect choice with its exotic looks and extreme durability. While the British Colonial era marks many style choices, this material dates back a few more centuries in its versatile uses. As a tropical vine, it does contribute to the relaxed upscale look of earlier plantation furniture. Our indoor rattan wicker furniture collection provides various ways to liven up any living space while keeping it comfortable and inviting. Rattan is a rainforest palm species that is fast growing and comes from sustainable resources. Harvesting involves cutting vines at the base without disturbing the roots. The actual cane is solid and can be left with its bark on or peeled. Its solid core can then be turned into strips for weaving, half-rounds for accenting or left as a round for frames. It is a flexible material resistant to breakage or splintering. Used as furniture framing, it compares in strength to steel.

Our indoor rattan sunroom furniture styles range from cottage classics to contemporary pieces. Some blend cane and wicker insets while others show off the solidity of cane in curves, arches and framing. Modulars are simplified with a striking display of pole construction aided by highlights from a variety of finishes. The Chippendale is a wonderful example of modernizing with its choice of sleeper options in sofas and loveseats. Contemporary settings are also a stylish backdrop for the Maui Twist ensemble. True to its name, it offers bold sculptural pieces paired with spindles and weaves.

Traditional indoor rattan furniture will never disappoint in quality or in style. The Traders grouping provides formalities in its beautifully turned legs that merge with wicker paneling to create a genuine island retreat. Beyond the sunroom, it becomes a fine arrangement for any refined living space. Our Taipei set is another choice with appeal for traditionalists. Pieces are more structured with well-defined pole framing and dense weaves.

Casual rattan furniture sets include our woven sectional furniture pieces from the Freeport Collection. They fit nicely into smaller spaces while providing generous seating space for entertaining. Separate pieces from this group are bold in their weaves that highlight track arms and low club profiles. Defined as primitive, the Congo set incorporates nature’s best characteristics in rattan construction. With spliced in croco pieces, each component displays random blemishes that add personality without taking away strength.

Rattan wicker furniture can also become a chameleon of style. In lighter finishes, the Bar Harbor set calls for coastal decor while darker finishes can complement lodge, country or even urban settings.

When it comes to selecting indoor rattan wicker furniture, the possibilities are limitless in style, finish options and coordinated fabrics.