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Empire Resin Wicker Patio Furniture Set
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Empire Resin Wicker Patio Furniture Set

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5 Piece Sanibel Dining Set

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Our chairs are so varied in style, there is certainly a design available to fit any space. With their evolution through the centuries, many have retained a classic flair while others are modernized for the most contemporary tastes. They will find their way into any room, beginning with armchairs for dining spaces. Lounge chair styles are so generous in size, they almost could be called the perfect chairs. Rockers and gliders, along with a selection of matching ottomans, all offer unique properties for designer decor. Because many of our wicker chair styles are versatile by design, group them around a dining table and select additional pieces for living areas or bedrooms. For some, an optional acrylic sealant means they can go to protected outdoor areas during warmer weather. In sunrooms, they can mix with other wicker furnishings or find a quiet corner to pair with a side table. Style characteristics include shawl, rounded or flared backs with arms at just the right height for comfort. Childrenís scaled-down sizes are also lovely choices for play areas or living spaces.

Club chairs are roomy and range in style from grand showpieces to casual accent seating with lower profiles. When the time comes to relax, these are the chairs everyone will choose. Look for matching ottomans to pair with this collection and with our other featured indoor chairs.

Wingbacks are among the marvels of timeless seating architecture. They have made their way from the hearths of the wealthy in a variety of materials and styles. Wicker is the perfect component for this design that includes our Victorian Concord and more transitional Loft and Conservatory chairs. French Country inspired seating is both dramatic and relaxed with upswept wings and built-in side baskets for magazines. In between, rattan and wood make an elegant pairing for indoor seating that also features abaca woven arms.

Distinctive in their rustic appearance, Orkney chairs hold an illustrious history from their centuries-old island origins off the Scottish coast. Once crafted in driftwood due to the lack of trees, they are now hardwood framed while retaining the dense fibrous weaves that makes them such wonderful collectibles as well as amazing seating. Traditional styles feature structured side panels, and modified versions incorporate domed or flared backs.

For a little added soothing, wicker rocking chairs are ready to provide effortless motions. Seating styles in this group are also varied, incorporating many traditional looks ranging from simple to ornate. Open and closed weave designs, along with spindling, are classic components. Take rocking a step further and choose rattan cane seating that also glides and swivels. Their tropical character and multi functional platform bases make them an ideal companion for conversation in larger groupings or as a twosome with a table added.

Along with natural stains, paint finishes like blue, green, black, grey and red to name a few are available for many of our featured cottage wicker chairs. Cushions designed as a custom fit are included so you can enjoy as is or have customized with a line of fabrics in colors and patterns ranging from dark and tropical to bright, bold and trendy.