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5 Piece Sanibel Dining Set

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Indoor Wicker End Tables, Coffee Tables

Our wicker and rattan end tables provide a surprising array of styles for every decor. They can accompany matched furniture or simply be added as unique display pieces that are also practical. From beautiful Victorians to more casual cottage and country designs, accent tables in wicker exist to serve with space for lamps, framed photos and collectibles. Among our many styles, indoor wicker crafting incorporates rattan fibers, rattan cane, sisal or abaca rope and wood. Weave patterns can vary by design from dense to semi-tight to open. Lattice and spindling are also popular choices as wicker table accents. You may see open wicker insets on many of our vintage selections. Cane legs and feet, while providing solid support, may also be wrapped to match table finishes. In natural shades, wicker provides an array of hues with individualized characteristics varying from table to table. Painted color selections will brighten or add a distressed look that will drastically change the look of each table. That gives them even greater versatility in customizing to fit your decor.

French Country wicker tables are fine examples of styles handed down and appreciated through generations. They offer rustic looks in defined rattan weaves while remaining conscious of space limitations with their smaller sizes. They are wonderful choices as side or wicker lamp tables or added in reading corners with large, comfy chairs.

Reading tables have specialty features that make them endearing for casual traditional living spaces or sunrooms. Built-in side extensions will keep magazines tidy and accessible from two sides. They leave room above for a lamp with lower shelving for a decorative vase or other display piece.

Inspired by early parlor designs, vintage wicker side tables retain an air of charm while gaining a sturdiness not found in past decades. Ovals and hexagonals are dainty in profiles that belie their durability. They offer a delightful change of pace full of nostalgia but with an updated twist.

Rectangular and round small wicker tables are just the place for a single lamp or perhaps a favorite vase. They can also accommodate pitchers of cool beverages or serving trays when guests arrive.

Many of our featured wicker tables can enjoy limited use in well-covered outdoor areas. Just choose the optional acrylic sealant on select pieces and they can take their places on porches during warmer seasons.