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Indoor Wicker Rocking Chairs

Rocking is one of the purest pleasures in life. Chairs can evoke memories for many and create new moments for others that will carry forward. Our wicker rocking chairs are designed to bring those experiences to life with style choices for traditional or contemporary surroundings. Placed individually or as part of larger groupings, they create an instant solitude that no other type of seating can provide. Of course, this selection would not be complete without gliders. With their lovely form and motion, a glider deserves to be a top choice in relaxation. Wicker rocking chairs will be welcome in any room. From nurseries and family areas to living spaces and sunrooms, they offer the utmost comforts without taking up space. From a historical standpoint, rocking chair styles have been around since the early 1700s. Just a few decades later, wicker took center stage for both indoor and outdoor seating. While wood is still a top material choice, wicker adds a timeless look through the artful use of natural fibers for indoor pieces and resin fibers for outdoor uses.

Our featured wicker rockers incorporate solid wood rails paired with wood and rattan frame designs. Traditionals, inspired by earlier eras, are always in demand. Look for such features as wide continuous armrests that flow to woven backs along with high stiles and open wicker designs reminiscent of Americana rockers found on front porches. Plantation styles are just as generous in sizing, and they feature ornate details in both open and dense weaves that will encourage an afternoon gathering accompanied by conversation and cold beverages.

For those leaning toward more exotic accent pieces, rattan cane is a masterpiece in strength and island appeal. Rattan rocking chair styles incorporate the practice of steaming solid cane and bending it. Once dried, it retains its amazing support properties that can pair with wicker paneling and artful spindling. Modern rattan swivel rockers will please the eye with their bent cane framing and plush cushioning. Circular bases double the pleasure with concealed swivel mechanisms.

Extend the comforts with matching side tables or ottomans that accompany many of our featured wicker rocking chairs. They go above and beyond in providing sturdy service that will encourage you to linger indoors just a few more minutes or even a few hours. Optional accent tables are also stylish companions when you want to add an additional rocker for conversation groupings.

Color customization options like red, blue, green, brown and black are also available with indoor wicker rocking chairs. Natural finishes in a range of hues will highlight the characteristics of rattan. Paint and stain choices for wicker will turn rockers into vintage showpieces or provide a perfect color for cottage settings. Turn urban spaces into coastal vistas with pastels or bring parlor styling into any room with darker hues. For the nursery, wicker rocking chairs will provide comforts into the wee hours and then transition into other spaces later. Fabric selections for cushions will be the final touch in making any indoor wicker rocking chair a special seating choice.