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When you're decorating a room, there is often a space that needs a little wall decor that is attractive and interesting but not overpowering. Wicker wall mirrors are ideal for adding visual interest to a wall. They are an especially good choice for small rooms, tiny spaces, and unnoticeable nooks and corners. Depending on the style of wicker mirror you choose, it can add tropical, coastal, casual, country, or vintage charm to a room. Rattan wicker mirrors can be found in various shapes including round, oval, octagon, and a dainty heart shape design. A wicker mirror in an arch design adds architectural interest and sophistication to a wall. A mirror with a shelf at its base is attractive and functional. The shelf is a handy place for keys if you place the mirror near a doorway. It is a convenient place for small bathroom or make-up essentials when used in a bathroom.

Wicker mirrors can be used singularly or grouped as a collection of mirrors. They can be used in combination with other wicker wall decor to create a beautiful wall arrangement. Hanging a rattan mirror on a wall facing a window enables you to capitalize on the exterior view a natural light that will be reflected off of the mirror. A foyer or hallway is an excellent place to add wicker mirrors.

Wicker floor mirrors are a beautiful addition to a bedroom or bathroom. They give you the opportunity to check your appearance before leaving home. The reflectiveness of the elongated mirror adds visual spaciousness to a room.