Quality Wicker Furniture

Bathroom Wicker Cabinets, Wicker Hampers

Cabinets and laundry are an attractive way to keep your bathroom neatly organized while adding beauty to your decor. Wicker medicine cabinets provide space for bathroom essentials when built in cabinet space is limited. Wicker bathroom cabinets with shelves will give you storage space behind magnetic doors that conceal the contents of the cabinet and provide display space for plants or decorative items. A wicker shelving unit with a pullout laundry bin at its base is excellent for a small bathroom or laundry room. When decorating your bathroom with wicker, you can include numerous accessory pieces that will help you maintain a neat, organized bathroom. Storing baskets help corral items that could otherwise clutter your bathroom counter top. Wicker hampers can be an attractive, functional, and multi-purpose addition to your bathroom. Our rattan laundry baskets also make it easy to transport clothing from one room to the next. If you are fortunate enough to have ample storage space in your bathroom, you can use bathroom wicker furniture to create a casual, simplistically attractive decorating theme. There are various styles of wicker mirrors that would look great in a bathroom. A dressing mirror would be an excellent addition to a bathroom. Swag lamps can be used to create a relaxing atmosphere in a master bathroom or guest bath. Bathroom wicker furniture and accessories can be used to gain additional storage in a bathroom or to simply make the room more beautiful. Lightweight cabinets & shelving, durability matched with colorful finishes help bring bathrooms back into perfect harmony. Multi functional, decorative rattan and wicker laundry hampers help contain odors, hide dirty clothing and turn collecting your laundry for the wash a breeze.