Quality Wicker Furniture

Caster, Swivel Rattan Dining Chairs

Dining or game chairs in rattan and wicker construction will never have to hide. These are stylishly casual seating choices that range from tropical in their appeal to high-end for spaces that require a little extra comfort. Available individually, they create just the right size grouping for large or small areas. Many of our featured swivel dining chairs also coordinate with matched dining tables. Solid cane frame bases with circular platforms and arching legs support both swivel and tilt functions on featured rattan dining chairs. Caster feet make them even more accessible on low-pile carpeting and large area rugs. In some cases, tilt functions are available as an option that may be desirable for frequent entertaining. Swivel dining chairs are, indeed, excellent choices for combining gaming spaces with eating areas. With arms and mid-height backs, these are a popular accompaniment for round tables.

Open cane framing is both sophisticated and relaxed. Solid core construction means added strength for heavy use. Utilizing a specialty steaming process, the cane is bent or wrapped and then dried to retain its original integrity. Featured swivel chairs may incorporate rounded backs and decorative insets that highlight their exotic origins.

Wicker is another feature found in our swivel dining chair collection. Rattan reed creates classic patterns in panel insets that provide a little reflexive give while remaining durable as back and side supports. The artful weaving also contributes exotic properties that pairs so beautifully with their cane components.

Individuals, couples and smaller families will find these cozy gatherings even more enjoyable for breakfast, brunch and lunches. After dinner, swivel chairs grouped around a table offer the perfect excuse to break out cards or board games. When your new swivel rattan dining chairs arrive, you can easily see how form and function come together, whether for a casual dining area or a kitchen eat-in space. They may even find their way into larger divided game rooms.

With each style, we include custom fitted cushions featuring dense foam filler. Shaped to fit both the seats and backs on all dining chairs, they also include fabric selections that can make seating upscale or a little more colorful. Tapestry style florals, stripes and subtle patterns mix in with solids to provide a wider range of choices. Added accents include button or channel tufting and, in the case of our Taipei set, matched cushioning that rises up to meet the armrests.

Frame finishes are another way to customize swivel chairs to complement dining spaces. You may wish to retain a natural stain in varying shades that still let rattan’s natural characteristics show through or choose colors that give chairs an antiqued or vintage look. Lighter distressed whites add a dash of beach house cheer while darker blacks provide an air of distinction.

Along with casual style, wicker and rattan swivel dining chairs are among the sturdiest designs you can choose. They can withstand daily activity while retaining their classic air of relaxed sophistication that brings fresh character to any space.