Quality Wicker Furniture

Outdoor Wicker Sofas

When it comes to outdoor seating that retains its popularity through the years, wicker may very well top the list. Today’s patio wicker sofas, loveseats, chairs and glider loveseats are a far cry from designs of earlier decades. Crafted with man made resin fibers, the latest styles can withstand rain and sun while maintaining the look of classic woven patterns. When the time comes to relax or entertain, wicker is the natural choice for comfort and timeless looks. Many outdoor sofa choices are parts of collections that feature coastal names such as Salinas, Sanibel, Chesapeake and Cape Charles. In a nod to plantation homes and cottages with an ocean view, features include wide arms and rounded backs, skirting with scallops or arches and artisanal blends of open stick spindles and closed weaves. Traditional woven patterns are cheerful touches for any porch, deck or patio setting. They can also bring their charms to gazebos throughout the summer months.

If space is limited, patio sofas by themselves will seat two or three comfortably. Deep foam cushions and moisture-resistant fabrics with their range of color and pattern options will complete any choice. Creating a designer look is even more enjoyable with choices in resin wicker finishes that start with vintage whites and antiqued brown hues.

Resin wicker fibers are resistant to fading, mildew and splintering. Outdoor sofas and other seating choices are excellent options for seaside locations where salt-laden air might take its toll on other materials. They can also withstand the onslaught from extremely humid or arid environments while requiring minimal care. Aluminum framing, which will never rust, is another durable component found in outdoor resin wicker seating. It may develop a white powdery coating over time, which will not impact its integrity.

Creating outdoor living spaces that everyone will gravitate to can easily begin with resin wicker sofas. With traditional styles that recapture the charms of yesteryear, they provide sturdy seating that can stand up to the activities of a busy family and frequent entertaining. Many feature options for adding accent tables in matching finishes that will complete an ensemble designed to last through years of heavy use.