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Victorian Furniture: Reproduced Wicker Furnishings

Shapely profiles, ornate flourishes and overall decadence are just a few favorite features found in Victorian wicker furniture. While other materials were in favor at the time, wicker saw a peak in popularity between the 1860s and 1880s. With new manufacturing processes in place, woven fibers took on new dimensions in romanticized styling. Ladies and gentlemen of the period flocked to collect these fanciful designs from emerging designers and producers. Reproductions in Victorian wicker furniture are sturdier than their early counterparts. They feature the same elaborate characteristics that create an instant focal point in living rooms, bedrooms and sunrooms. Many are inspired by designs from the Heywood-Wakefield Company, which was a merger of two rival manufacturers. These pieces, such as the Aunt Millie rocker, offer an infusion of personality in their designs. Our other roomy rocking chairs offer added character with wide rolled arms and high backs featuring serpentine shaping or exaggerated domes. Insets are stunningly beautifully while skirted bases contribute to their display appeal.

Victorian reception and photographer chairs are majestic in concept and make beautiful displays for small or large spaces. With their parlor appeal, they feature cabriole legs, round caned seats and backs that are grand displays in themselves. Lattice and curlicues are popular features found in Victorian wicker styles. Stationary chairs rise to great heights with the same exquisite attention to detail that incorporates beading, rattan fiber weaves and balloon edging. In painted or natural finishes, they are a royal fit for any traditional decor. Many of our rockers and chairs also include optional accent tables. Matched in their Victorian details, they are charming side companions that also provide practical service.

Sun room and living room groupings include sofas and loveseats paired with end tables and coffee tables. These are refreshing seating arrangements in old fashioned wicker furniture with traditional open lattice and dense weaves. Some sets include club chairs with ottomans as options. A wide range of finish choices make them easily adaptable for any space. Victorian inspired chaises to complement can be part of a larger ensemble or be arranged for privacy in an out-of-the-way corner.

Accent pieces include our open Victorian cabinets and stands. They offer sturdy shelving for display pieces and are unique components for living rooms or dining spaces. Large and small designs will place your favorite collectibles in the limelight.