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Wicker Table Lamps - Rattan Pendant Lights

Wicker Lamps in a range of styles bring warm ambience to our indoor settings. For traditionalists, classic basket weaves are a timeless choice while modernists can bring lighting into any space in unique spheres and cylinders featuring vine wraps, and with hanging rattan pendant lights. With so many lighting choices, it is easy to fill sunrooms, living areas, dining spaces or bedrooms. Wicker table lamps bring their ambient illumination to foyer consoles, buffet servers in dining rooms and accent tables integrated into furniture groupings. They make an impact as a single source of light or in pairs and multiples. Lower profile rattan lamps are ideal for nightstands or on chests in bedrooms and nurseries. Matched wicker or hardback fabrics are among the available shade styles. Classic bases include jar, barrel, cylinder, urn and post shapes to suit any setting. Venturing past rattan, rope-woven bases offer texturing that will stand out in coastal, lodge and rustic spaces.

Hanging rattan pendant lights, and table lamps with wicker shades are another indoor choice. Inverted bowls retain a traditional touch with options for scalloped rimming. Our rattan pendant lights are hardwired making them a permanent fixture in your home, functional accent to any room that you choose.

Naturally winding vines create an open enclosure for lamps in a variety of contemporary styles. Suspended globes and cylinder fixtures cast a full surround of light and are especially dramatic placed in aligned or staggered groupings over dining room tables, above kitchen islands, in foyers and on landings. Rattan Vine luminaries turn into sculptural pieces as vertical or horizontal wall mounts that add dimension. Our wicker pendant lights, and table lamps are available in a variety of standard colors, and some including white, brown, green, black, blue, brown wicker lamps in any finish or any style can offer exciting new ways to brighten any indoor space.