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Sedona Sectional Set
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Wicker sectionals, especially those designed for outdoors, are sized for every space and are featured in versatile configurations as well. At Wicker Home and Patio Furniture, each sectional set includes cushions that are resistant to wear and staining, and optional add-on pieces are available with many featured groupings.

While the sectional regained its claim to fame as a popular mid-20th Century style, it hails back to much earlier times. In the early 1800s, wooden sofas with latches could be pushed together and attached for larger gatherings. This concept sounds rather crude, but these coupled sofas eventually experienced dramatic style enhancements during the Victorian era before evolving into the low-profile multi-piece modulars that took over living rooms during the 1960s and 1970s and again in the 1990s.

Today, sectionals are a favorite for outdoor spaces, and they are amazingly functional while offering a resort feel. Low backs make them the perfect choices for open spaces, and their inviting expanses of seating are advantages for everyday gatherings and casual entertaining. Cube styling as well as shapely curved components creates attractive arrangements to suit every location, and resin fiber construction ensures they will survive the sunniest days while remaining resistant to fading. Most wicker sectionals feature concealed aluminum framework that is lightweight, corrosion proof and will never rust.

Among the smaller ensembles available as sectionals, three-piece conversation sets include two club chairs and an accent table. In-between sizes feature two loveseats with right- and left-facing arms along with a corner wedge that creates the familiar squared profile. Larger wicker sectionals feature sofa lengths with squared or rounded corner wedges and chaises or single armless chairs to create an expanded all-in-one grouping. Coffee tables are standard inclusions, and side tables are available separately to match each collection.

Standard and upgraded fabrics will enhance each set, and these are available in a beautiful palette of solid colors from light and dark to more vivid hues. Patterned textile selections include florals, retros, nauticals and festive stripes that coordinate with any decorating scheme.

When it is time to unwind, there is no doubt that a wicker sectional will do the job fashionably and comfortably.