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Outdoor Wicker Rockers

A rocker is the foundation for many pleasurable moments ahead, and when warm weather arrives, the joys are even greater with fresh air and a view. At Wicker Home and Patio Furniture, the selection of outdoor wicker rockers will entice everyone to yearn for those simpler times with nothing to think about but creating a breeze with the gentlest of back and forth motions.

With the great outdoors in mind, materials for resin rockers that can resist the elements are mainly composed of premium HDPE components. While still mimicking the classic look, and feel of rattan caning and core fiber construction, this manmade product is dyed through during the manufacturing process to resist fading and is further reinforced with UV protectants as well. No need to repaint, no splintering and no mildew development are additional low-maintenance bonuses. Frameworks are varied as well, and these may consist of high-density tubular plastics or aluminum framing, which is typically concealed in fiber wraps or is finished to complement the choice of fiber colors.

No traditional veranda or covered porch would be complete without the nostalgic appeal of a resin wicker rocker inspired by early 1900s coastal furnishings. High rounded backs with wide rimming and comfortably rolled armrests along with understated weaves and spindling are among the familiar embellishments. Americana designs are also in demands with their simple and rustic charms. Regal camel crests and arched skirting are typically prevalent among these pieces. Tropical influences are also present in pole-framed rocking chairs that will bring a relaxing presence to any outdoor oasis. Finishes include warmer browns and lustrous whites along with washes for a true vintage feel that will be appreciated for many years to come.

Cushions compound the relaxed comforts of any outdoor wicker rocker, and the customized selection featured here is designed to coordinate with any decor. Solid colors range from neutrals and more subtle tones to brighter shades. Prints are varied in styling that includes traditional florals, festive island motifs and contemporary themes. Making the decision to add a rocker to any space is even easier with the many featured choices here at Wicker Home and Patio Furniture.