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Traditional outdoor furniture brings classic designs to patios with less maintenance and fewer worries about weather or location. Ensembles for large and small spaces incorporate all the finest features of seating pieces found indoors. That special look is easily achieved with a variety of sets that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to enjoy for private family gatherings and for entertaining. Quality outdoor wicker has its own unique properties that are similar to natural rattan, which should always be protected from the elements. Crafted with premium commercial grade resin components, each piece features rugged and flexible fibers that will retain their original beauty without splintering, warping or developing mildew in humid environments. In coastal settings, outdoor wicker resists salt-laden ocean air, which also makes it an ideal choice for pool areas. Patio, pool and garden furniture able to withstand chlorine spray, temperature changes and harsh seasonal weather conditions, resin wicker furniture can remain in place all year long in most areas.

Aluminum framing is a second component of traditional outdoor wicker furniture sets. Powder coat finishes and the addition of stainless steel hardware keep structures free of rust even in areas where moisture is constantly present. Traditional wicker furniture typically keeps the framework concealed with coverings in basket weaves along with full wraps for legs and feet. Even the most delicately detailed pieces belie their appearance with a rugged durability that can withstand heavy use.

Among the many traditional wicker styles in outdoor furniture sets, coastal, island and cottage designs are easily recognized. Features include camel back arches on sofas, loveseats and chairs along with arched skirting inspired by Victorian-era furnishings. Rolled armrests in a ridged or basket woven pattern also curve for comfort as a reminder of plantation veranda groupings from past decades. Open stick spindling in vertical and lattice designs is another popular component of traditional resin wicker furniture. These insets were popularized along the East Coast in America throughout the early 1900s. Today, spindling not only showcases this heritage, it allows cooling breezes to pass through on warm summer days.

Classic outdoor wicker collections for smaller traditional spaces include chat groupings with chairs and a center coffee table. Loveseats paired with chairs and accent tables require just a little more room while offering ample seating for guests or family members. For larger areas, sofas that include both chair and loveseat options along with side tables and cocktail tables bring the true spirit of indoor living spaces to any outside area. Some featured collections include a selection of traditional rocking chairs that will make groupings even more appealing.

As a final touch in achieving a traditional ambience, featured outdoor sets also offer finish options to complement surroundings. Light, medium and dark hues can blend in or stand out against a home architecture or when blended in with landscaped or poolside settings. Seat and back cushions for many traditional resin outdoor wicker furniture sets include choices in colors, patterns and textures that will complete the look of any arrangement.