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Outdoor Resin Wicker Ottomans

Outdoor wicker ottomans have made their way through furniture history under many other names including hassocks and poufs as well as tuffets, which many will fondly recognize from the beloved nursery rhyme. Modern-day outdoor wicker footstools, which are scaled-down versions of their Turkish predecessors, are generally more versatile while still maintaining the practicalities of multi-tasking in outdoor and interior spaces. At Wicker Home and Patio Furniture, our featured selections will serve well for both everyday enjoyment and for entertaining. Whether selected with a comfy padded topper as a prop for weary feet, using the ottoman to hold serving trays, or calling them into service as extra seating, there will always be a demand for these maneuverable accent pieces.

The transformation from rough wooden sectionals piled with pillows to upholstered foot stools took a naturally decorative turn with the use of wicker. Rattan caning remains highly popular as is the core fiber construction that makes up classic and fancy weaves across tops and around sides. As the demand continues to rise for transporting interior living comforts outside, premium all-weather wickers and aluminum framing have become the materials of choice along with high-impact plastics that mimic solid cane. These are similar to their rattan counterparts, but are resistant to the weather, and some ottomans are nearly impervious to harsh elements such as salt spray, humid conditions and arid surroundings.

For such a humble piece, so many styles are available here at Wicker Home and Patio Furniture. Rectangulars are among the prevalent choices to pair with club or lounge chairs, and rounds add interest with their inspiration drawn from early poufs. Even loveseats can pair up with matching foot benches that are longer than their standard counterparts. From traditional to contemporary and every design in between, there will be a choice in resin outdoor wicker footstool along with matching seating for every setting.

Finish choices are as varied as the solid and print fabrics available, and in our outdoor pieces, the colors are dyed through during the manufacturing process to enhance longevity. With every choice in wicker chairs, gliders and loveseats or even sofas, a coordinating ottoman is available to match.