Quality Wicker Furniture

Quality Rattan Baskets

Regatta Magazine Basket

Regatta Magazine Basket

Price: $214.00
19"w x 12"d x 18"h
Cut Stems Basket

Cut Stems Basket

Price: $80.00
22-1/2”w x 9”d x 9-1/2”h
Rattan Dog Bed

Rattan Dog Bed

Price: $270.00
Wicker Dog Bed

Wicker Dog Bed

Price: $346.00
French Country Round Rattan Tray

French Country Round Rattan Tray

Price: $308.00
32” Round x 5” Deep
Winery Rattan Jug

French Country Winery Jug

Price: $210.00
12” Round x 16”h
Laurel Rattan Basket

French Country Laurel Rattan Basket

Price: $220.00
21”Square x 15”h
Orchard Rattan Basket

French Country Orchard Rattan Basket

Price: $282.00
20”Square x 24”h
Orchard Wicker Basket

Sweater Weave Orchard Wicker Basket

Price: $254.00
20" Square x 24"h
Produce Rattan Basket

French Country Produce Basket

Price: $206.00
22" Round x 14"h
Swirl Rattan Basket

Swirl Rattan Basket

Price: $468.00
12.5" Round x 13.5"h
16" Round x 15"h
19" Round X 18.5"h

Wicker is everywhere these days, including rattan baskets that will make decorating and organizing even more fun. With so many shapes and sizes that we have available, the possibilities are endless for their uses. They can eliminate clutter in any room, become part of a mixed-media shelf display or be a catchall in dining areas, kitchens and offices. Practical, nostalgic, whimsical and decorative all define the types of wicker baskets that will make any space prettier. The first woven basket crafters probably used rushes from swampy waters to craft crude carryalls. Soon, the finer qualities of these grasses would also be used for furniture. Baskets, however, are the one item that crosses every culture and all regions. Along with their practicalities, they evolved into beautiful masterpieces under the skilled hands of talented artisans. Material choices expanded as well with the use of rattan, banana bark, abaca and other fibers.

A little bit of nature arrives with every wicker storage basket, along with a wide range of finish choices. These might include natural stains or colors that can complement certain decorating schemes. It is impossible to go overboard with wicker baskets in any shade.

Fashionable designs with a vintage twist include Cottage and French Country baskets. While their owners once trekked across fields and hillsides, these were constant companions used for collecting fruits or flowers. For shopkeepers, they became holders for selling goods in open marketplaces or inside buildings. Even today, many of these provide the same services. At home, they can contain stacks of magazines; keep toys collected in one place or land at entries for gloves, scarves and hats. Taller rattan baskets that once would have been used to hold walking canes or sticks are now a stylish repository for umbrellas.

When floor space is limited, wall mount baskets are beautiful appointments for any room. Fill deeper taper baskets with long-stemmed real or faux flowers or let green leafy vines flow over the sides. For rustic and lodge settings, pouch styles can hold mail, keys and other small items.

Structured or compartmentalized flat-bottomed baskets include sizes for tabletops, counters and desks. Larger designs can tuck under an open bench or sit on toy shelves. They might hold silverware for casual entertaining or keep writing accessories collected in one spot. Specialty pieces for the kitchen include loaf and baguette holders, fruit baskets and deeper wine totes. Berry baskets with tall handles will find a host of uses indoors, too.

No collection would be complete without a picnic basket or two. Good times in the fresh air are guaranteed with baskets that are pre-stocked with all the needed accessories. This specialty group includes unique gift items that everyone will love. Inspired by totes of yesteryear, many are crafted from willow for that old-fashioned feel.

Designer styles range from carts with wheels to wicker jugs that can hold dried twigs. For fashionable felines, we even feature wicker cat carriers. For almost every item in the home, there is a wicker storage basket that will hold it.

Spot a cottage basket in a corner and you may just be tempted to rush outdoors and collect flowers or kindling. Discovering the weave styles in our collection, you might also wonder who the crafts person is behind the design. Ranging from nostalgic to rustic, they all add the charms of a slower-paced lifestyle while the practical side makes them invaluable for organizing items throughout the home.

Large, medium or small, wicker baskets come in all shapes and sizes. Some are crafted in nubbier rattan cane while others are more intricate in their wicker patterns. The possibilities for filling them are endless. Rectangular wicker baskets with flat bases and high handles will find a multitude of uses in homes and offices.

Our largest cottage baskets include kindling holders that can take their place at the side of a hearth. Filled with dried twigs, they stand at the ready for a winter fire or as decoration during the summer months. Deeper baskets can even leave their cottage roots behind to become containers for larger plants. Hardy enough to hold indoor trees or stalk species, they will dress up offices, reception areas and sun rooms. Handcrafted with pride, exceptional skill and perhaps a bit of love, our cottage basket collection will never be limited to any particular style. They can be timeless collectibles for any decor with their reed and cane crafting that features all the rich color variations of natural rattan.