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Double, Single Outdoor Resin Wicker Chaises

All weather outdoor chaises are the pampering tool of choice when it comes to outdoor lounging. With the timeless popularity of wicker styling, they are even more inviting. In a range of styles that include Victorian-inspired traditionals and transitional modularís, the chaise is simply elegant and always ready for relaxed service. Since ancient times, the chaise has been a furniture accessory of the privileged classes. Known in European circles as the chaise longue, it evolved through centuries as an ornate daybed in a variety of styles. With or without upholstery, rolled arms and scalloped backs, the chaise soon became a place to catch sophisticated women in mid-swoon. As this style reached the Americas, the chaise became favored among movie stars and the wealthy for its decadent profile. Eventually, the term chaise lounge became accepted as opposed to its original spelling.

Today, with innovations in all-weather fiber crafting, we offer double, single chaises in resin wicker that can sit in sun or shade and can withstand the onslaught of the elements in any regional location. Constructed in HDPE, or high-density polyethylene resins, they are toxin-free, resistant to fading and will not splinter. Unlike their original natural wicker counterparts, they will never develop mildew and require only minimal maintenance to retain their new appearance.

Styles in outdoor wicker chaises retain the elegance of yesteryear. Our featured designs with stationary backs display traditional weaves across gently rolled arms and up swept backs. Elongated beds with open or enclosed panel aprons are also a tribute to earlier eras in fashionable furniture crafting.

For those who want a little extra variety, angled back resin wicker chaises adjust easily in increments from upright to a flat surface for sunning or snoozing. Reclining chaise lounge chairs feature the same hardy construction and stylish woven patterns complete with wrapped legs and feet to conceal frames completely. Double chaises are an invitation to share a special space or to simply have a little extra room for yourself.

All of our outdoor wicker chaise lounge chairs feature rustproof aluminum framing. This is the metal of choice for added stability and longer wear. Webbed decking provides a bed of comfort with some flex but with solid support that will not sag or shift. Additionally, designer patterns and colors are options for our wicker chaise cushions. Crafted in weather-resistant materials and dense filler, they provide a soft supportive base with custom fits for each chaise.

While all-weather wicker chaises are designed for pool areas, patios and other outdoor spaces, they can certainly come indoors. In a sun room, they offer an escape from a hectic lifestyle. With their traditional to transitional designs, they can easily fit into living spaces, too. Finish choices, including white and antiqued brown, will easily complement a wide mix of furniture styles and room decor. When the temperatures are nice, however, all-weather resin wicker chaises will be a natural choice for any outdoor area.