Quality Wicker Furniture

Oblong, Rectangular Rattan Baskets

Quilt Basket

Quilt Basket

Price: $158.00
23-1/2w x 16-1/2d x 13h
Mud Room Rattan Basket

French Country Mud Room Rattan Basket

Price: $195.00
21w x 15d x 17.5h
Cottage Bushel Baskets

Bushel Baskets S/2

Price: $153.00
20-1/2w x 17d x 13-1/2h
16w x 13-1/2d x 12h
Sweater Weave Mud Room Wicker Basket

Sweater Weave Mud Room Wicker Basket

Price: $188.00
21"w x 15"d x 17.5"h
Cottage Treasures Basket

Cottage "Treasures" Storage Basket

Price: $142.00
22w x 12d x 7h
Storing Rattan Baskets

French Country Storing Rattan Baskets (S/2)

Price: $286.00
23w x 16d x 5.5"h
26-1/2w x 19.5d x 6h
Large Rectangular Rush Basket

Large Rectangular Rush Basket

Price: $364.00
25-1/2w x 20d x 18h
French Country Rattan Loft Basket

French Country Rattan Loft Basket

Price: $161.00
25w x 15d x 8h
Sweater Weave Cottage Wicker Basket

Sweater Weave Cottage Wicker Basket

Price: $184.00
25.5"w x 21.5"d x 12"h
Cottage Powder Room Basket

Powder Room Basket

Price: $85.50
14w x 8d x 10h
European Rattan Market Basket

French Country European Rattan Market Basket

Price: $217.00
26.5w x 20d x 14h
European Wicker Market Basket

Sweater Weave European Wicker Market Basket

Price: $206.00
24.5"w x 18.5"d x 10"h
Rectangular Rush Basket

Rectangular Rush Basket

Price: $276.00
21"w x 14"d x 15"h
Sweater Weave Wicker Wildflower Basket

Sweater Weave Wicker Wildflower Basket

Price: $198.00
29.5"w x 15"d x 8"h
Melon Basket

Sweater Weave Melon Basket

Price: $202.00
22"w x 17"d x 11"h
What-Ever Wicker Basket

Sweater Weave What-Ever Wicker Basket

Price: $142.00
18"w x 13"d x 14"h
Vineyard Wicker Basket

Vineyard Wicker Basket

Price: $205.00
20"w x 17.5"d x 20"h
Wicker Manor Basket

Sweater Weave Wicker Manor Basket

Price: $242.00
24"w x 16"d x 24"h
Cottage Blanket Basket

Cottage Blanket Basket

Price: $146.00
21.5w x 18d x 16h
Cottage Linens Basket

Cottage Linens Basket

Price: $126.00
22w x 15d x 7h
Cottage Rattan Suitcase

Cottage Rattan Suitcase

Price: $216.00
28"w x 16"d x 11.5h
Wildflower Rattan Basket

French Country Wildflower Rattan Basket

Price: $220.00
29.5"w x 15"d x 8"h

Oblong, Rectangular Baskets are ideal to complete any room of your home with extra storage, both decorative and pleasing to look at. We offer a large selection of oblong, rectangular baskets in wicker and rattan along with a variety of designs to complement your decor, organizing and storage needs. Finding the shapes, sizes, and style of wicker storage containers should be quite easy. Using storage bins without or with lids can be placed on a bookcase to keep the shelves from being cluttered with small items. Baskets with lids are helpful in maintaining order on a counter top or desk top. A rattan newspaper basket neatly stores newspapers and magazines until you're ready to recycle them. Baskets have a multitude of uses. They can be used as storage or display baskets in any room. They are great for storing bathroom essentials, desk accessories, and small kitchen items. They can be used as a decorative container for displaying potted plants. You can use empty wicker baskets simply as a collective display on an accent table in a sun room, den, foyer or mudroom. Extra-large wicker rattan storage mudroom baskets are available in a variety of natural finishes with sturdy framing are ideal for mudrooms. Made primarily of rattan which offers variations in color and weaving. A shelf in any room can become a decorative storage area with the addition of colorful rattan wicker baskets. Shelf baskets are ideal for keeping a bookcase uncluttered. Use the baskets to store magazines, paper, folders, and numerous other items that would look unattractive lying on the shelf. Since baskets come in a variety of colors you could arrange them in creative patterns on the bookcase to further increase the decorative affect they have in the room. Shelf baskets can also be used on the open shelf under a coffee table, accent table, or sideboard. They are great for storing seasonal table linens, magazines, toys, and a multitude of other items. Placing a basket for each family member in the laundry room can lighten the load of whoever does laundry. Clothes can go from the dryer to the appropriate baskets for each family member to pick up and carry to its proper place. Even as toy collectors where contents can be moved out of the way to the corner of the room easily.