Quality Wicker Furniture

Wicker, Rattan Log Baskets

Oval Sweater Weave Hearth Basket

Oval Sweater Weave Hearth Basket

Price: $315.00
24"w x 15"d x 20"h
Fireside Basket

Oval Sweater Weave Fireside Basket

Price: $319.00
24"w x 16"d x 21"h
Sweater Weave Hearth Basket

Sweater Weave Hearth Basket

Price: $236.00
28"w x 14"d x 10"h
Large Oval Sweater Weave Log Basket

Large Oval Sweater Weave Log Basket

Price: $419.00
36w x 16d x 20h
Rattan Hearth Baskets

French Country Rattan Hearth Baskets

Price: $439.00
20.5w x 18d x 13h
26w x 22d x 17h
Cottage Cord Basket

Cottage Cord Basket

Price: $194.00
21.5 Round x 21.5h
Wicker Log Basket

Sweater Weave Wicker Log Basket

Price: $209.00
22" Round x 17"h
Rattan Log Basket

French Country Rattan Log Basket

Price: $229.00
22" Round x 17"h
French Country Rattan Fireplace Basket

French Country Rattan Fireplace Basket

Price: $365.00
24.5 Round x 20h

Baskets, in all their shapes and sizes, have served so many purposes through the centuries. It only makes sense that there should be a specialty design that fits properly beside a roaring fire or perhaps tucked into a corner near the hearth. Log baskets made of wicker or rattan are sturdy by nature as they were originally intended to holding both kindling and heavier sticks of wood. From cold castle chambers to the most modest thatched huts, these baskets served as handy containers to keep fires going throughout the night and into the chilling morning hours.

Today's reincarnations of wicker log baskets are just as useful, remaining true to tradition in their features. They generally have side handles that make it easy for one or two individuals to maneuver. Many are high-walled, some are tapered and others are elongated, all of which make toting wood from the outdoors to the inside an easier process. All are beautifully crafted as well, utilizing a variety of natural materials ranging from grasses and palm leaves to rattan fibers and cane framework.

Rattan log baskets in our collection are handcrafted, and there is pride taken with the construction of each piece. Wicker variations include a popular sweater pattern accompanied by braided handles that attach from the bottom for added heft. Classic basket weaves also show their natural color variations in the use of rattan that is sustainable harvested.

While carrying and storing firewood wood in convenient locations is their main duty, rattan log baskets offer so much more. As warmer weather arrives, they become rustic displays and can hold a bounty of other items such as seasonal flowers. They can also take center stage directly in front of an unused fireplace through the summer months. Taller baskets can hold wrapping paper, and larger sizes are just right for skeins of yarn and other bulky crafting supplies.

Even modernized gas and electric fireplaces will have more appeal with a log basket as decoration. For added color, they can hold extra pillows and throws throughout winter and can be used to corral clutter in a hurry.

Wicker log baskets will always be in demand, whether they are used for their intended purpose or selected for other items throughout the home.