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French Country Rattan Baskets

Rattan Collector's Basket

French Country Rattan Collector's Basket

Price: $452.00
30"w x 24"d x 23"h
Rattan Walking Cane Basket

French Country Walking Cane Basket

Price: $286.00
22"w x 6"d x 23"h
Rattan Yarn Basket

French Country Rattan Yarn Basket

Price: $205.00
26”w x 13”d x 15"h
Manor Rattan Basket

French Country Manor Rattan Basket

Price: $228.00
24”w x 16”d x 24”h
Produce Rattan Basket

French Country Produce Basket

Price: $198.00
22" Round x 14"h
Orchard Rattan Basket

French Country Orchard Rattan Basket

Price: $254.00
20”Square x 24”h
Laurel Rattan Basket

French Country Laurel Rattan Basket

Price: $209.00
21”Square x 15”h

Imagine filling your home with stylish accent pieces that will also help you organize. French Country baskets, with their variety of shapes, can find a spot in every room to hold the items you use the most. Large or small, they make a grand display with premium craftsmanship that is worthy of their heritage while providing a sturdy place to keep clutter hidden away. Their appeal is also in natural crafting with wraps, braids and weaves that highlight their unique shaping. The concept of French Country basket styling refers not to one particular design era but points more to a cross-section of regional lifestyles. Once known as French Provincial, which referred to the Provence region, this style can mean so much more. Refinement in designs that reached rural European marketplaces is blended with the more rustic crafting of the lower classes in earlier times. Today, that brings us a rich new way to decorate steeped in a merging inheritance of multiple influences. It is almost impossible to resist any beautifully crafted rattan basket.

French Country designs with specialty purposes include taller rattan baskets with narrow structuring. Originally designed to accommodate walking canes, they can now hold umbrellas or other items that may become unruly if left untethered. Baskets with wider mounts and tapered sides are also popular in hobby or professional craft areas. They can hold yardsticks, fabric rolls, holiday papers and even blueprints.

Medium sized French Country baskets can hold just about anything and still be decorative. Cradle designs with high rounded ends and center handles become the perfect place to keep yarn skeins. Dual-handled produce baskets look as if they have just come from an orchard filled with ripe apples or pears. Heartier styles will accommodate firewood and can remain close to the hearth as decoration through warmer seasons.

Premium rattan construction and a range of designer weaves also make baskets tidy toy collectors. In living spaces or in bedrooms, their open tops allow for easy tossing. Rounding up loose items at the end of a day becomes a simple task. French Country baskets can also take a turn in offices or work areas. Flatter rectangulars with low or high sides can keep correspondence in one convenient spot on desks or on shelves. These are also decorative accent pieces for bookshelves and counters or tables. Fill them with fresh cut flowers, faux fruits or collectible items.

Open weave rattan baskets are just as collectible as the things you might find to place in them. They can hold folded towels for guest access or keep clothing in check from the laundry room to drawers. In a bedroom, they can capture footwear or handbags. At an entry, they can contain a jumble of gloves and hats.

With widespread appeal, French Country rattan baskets, in all their beauty and natural color variations, exemplify simplicity and more in their wide range of styles. You can select one, two or a few and find many ways to use them throughout the home.