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Cushion Cording

Professional designers and home decorators alike love the look of cushion cording, and it projects a certain tailored elegance regardless of the fabric used or the intended style setting. From casual furnishings to the most upscale ensembles, corded cushions have remained an in-demand choice for many decades. For many of its featured upholstered seating choices, Wicker Home and Patio Furniture offers the corded option, which has widespread appeal for those who love the defining lines this specialty add-on provides.

Cushion cording is known by several other names including box cording, piping and welting, although the latter is technically a bit different by some definitions. While purists may delineate welting as a term used for furnishings only and piping as a reference in the garment industry, today, these terms are generally interchangeable. Going further, piping can be cordless, and decorative cording can be twisted fiber rope or another material that is sewn in but exposed along the edges. Typically, with our many featured wicker furnishings, roping is covered in fabric and filled with cord. This protects the side seams and corners from some wear while creating an attractive dimension.

The concept has been utilized in pillows for centuries and was equated with furnishings found in homes of the upper class and the grandest palaces. Kneeling pillows were highly ornamental and often embellished with gilded cording or braiding along with tassels and similar adornments. Today, the practice continues for even the most casual of seating designs. Paired with wicker frames, welted cushions are available along with options for seamed-only designs for those who prefer a more relaxed and unstructured look. Matched piping is among the choices along with complementing solid colors to create a contrast welt that pulls out a primary, secondary or accent color in the cushion or back pillow fabric.

Another benefit of choosing cushion cording is the personalized touch it gives any piece of wicker furniture. From toppers on ottomans and extended cushions on chaises to everyday seating ensembles and dining groups, there is that extra level of upscale appeal that welting can provide. Selecting individual pieces that are part of larger collections make it even more enjoyable to create the perfectly matched set. It is also a nice challenge to have a little fun with complementing colors and patterns that all come together when the entire group is assembled. Welted accents make it easy to coordinate with any decor and every room theme.

The many choices in welted cushions for featured wicker collections will provide all the options required to decorate a space of any size. Living rooms, dining areas, sunrooms, entertainment spaces and bar areas are easy to update with the numerous textile selections. Outdoors, fabric choices are just as varied with upgrade selections that offer even higher stain, wear and fade resistance. Traditional furnishings can be formalized with corded cushions, and casual environments will also welcome this time-honored embellishment. At Wicker Home and Patio Furniture, the possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to choosing the furniture style and the perfect cushions, with or without welting, as an accompaniment.