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Hazelton Side Dining Chair (Set of 2)

Hazelton Side Dining ChairPortraying the traditional qualities of early British plantation seating, Hazelton wicker side chair will just as easily mingle with more modern settings. Relaxed, yet with hints of formalities from another era, rattan cane is boldly presented in the frame beginning with bundled legs and deep aprons accented with corner medallions. Leather lashings and wood components are utilized as well for both appearance and support. At the backs, cutouts are another example of rattan's capabilities while insets are handcrafted in dense abaca fibers that showcase variations in natural hues. Zippered fabric covers for the included cushions range from an array of solid colors to designer patterns. Pair these with matching arm chairs for dining room groupings or enjoy them as accent seating at desks.

Sorry, This Item Has Been Discontinued