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Club Chairs, Wicker Lounge Chairs

Indoor Rattan and wicker lounge chairs in all their varied styles, remain true to their original intent of providing comfort. Club chairs no longer limited to gentlemenís clubs, they have evolved into seating over the decades that will complement any home or commercial environment. Some retain a traditional lower profile while others become nostalgia pieces with their classic woven patterns. Our club and lounge chair selections are also versatile with finish and cushion fabric choices. The earliest chairs of any type were rough and uncomfortable. As tastes changed, club chairs made an appearance as roomier variations complete with wide backs and low arms. Once they became fashionable for home spaces, they made their way into libraries and dens. Furniture designers and manufacturers were soon adding them in larger ensembles that included sofas and loveseats. They retained a relaxed air about them that, in early days, appealed to the man of the house. Today, they take ownership of their widespread appeal for everyone and for every space.

Reinterpreted in wicker, lounge chairs are the seating of choice for sunrooms, home offices and living areas. While they can blend into a larger arrangement, they are also well-suited to private corners especially when paired with side tables or ottomans. Foam-filled cushions for seats and backs retain that overstuffed feel of upholstered counterparts.

In the tradition of early island style living among the privileged, club chairs in a mix of wood and rattan offer the character expected of larger estate pieces. They will make stunning seating choices for any setting and can mix in easily with other furnishings. They can become a little more casual with fabric selections for the included cushions.

Solid rattan cane lounge chairs are always sturdy favorites. Some styles present all the decorative designs that rattan is capable of while others incorporate wicker patterns or rope spindle accents. They even become regal with wide arms and rounded backs featuring grass or rattan core fibers and bindings in rattan or leather that add definition and support. In our featured Primitives, Congo club chairs are uniquely crafted pieces that splice in uneven smaller components known as croco with varied natural hues adding a dimensional feel. Borrowing from the styles found on early plantation verandas, indoor wicker club chairs are a refreshing element with their rounded backs and woven patterns that include wide lattice and tighter construction.

Winding down at the end of a day or lounging around on weekends, you may want a more dressed-down style in club chairs. Look for modular seating that retains a casual profile bordering on modern. Featured selections include full weaves across arms, backs and sides with enclosed bases and exposed wood feet. Among our selections, you can also find such amenities as magazine and beverage holders built in with attractive cane pole supports.

Browse the many finish choices among our indoor wicker club or lounge chairs that include bright, pastel, natural and vintage hues. Cushion fabrics in cotton, polyester and all-weather construction also offer varied patterns and colors for designer customization.