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Weatherproof Outdoor Table Lamps

Just as lamps are unifying elements for indoor spaces, they bring a new element of style to outdoor areas as well. Designed to resist the elements, weatherproof lighting offers the subtle illumination needed to enjoy warmer seasons well into evening hours. This collection of outdoor table lamps includes designs ranging from casual and tropical to formal and upscale. As more and more patios and decks become an overflow of living room decor, it makes sense to provide a few illuminating accent pieces. Lamps with jar and bowl body styles bring sculptural elements to accent tables. They can also illuminate buffet tables and brighten space around bar areas for after-dark entertaining. For casual settings, taper and pole stands add tropical or coastal accenting that cast warm lighting for evening gatherings. Incorporated into seating groups and situated on end tables, they can also pair with all-weather floor lamps available in matching base and shade designs.

Textured bases are crafted in resin to mimic wicker and ceramics. The many finish choices also replicate the sheen and patina of metals, natural hues and traditional colors. Fully enclosed to keep out moisture, each outdoor lamp also features a weighted base to resist breezes. Waterproof cords in extra-long lengths will work on most patios, and components incorporate dimmers to set a more romantic mood.

Cone shades are among the most popular choices, and they complement any base style. Hardbacks with structured or pleated fabrics offer water resistance and will help keep mildew at bay. With their wide rims, they cast light out and downward to eliminate glare. Shade colors also impact a table lampís brightness. Black is guaranteed to draw attention while bold solid colors range from sunny yellows and lush greens to the brilliance of clear blue skies. Earthen browns and traditional neutrals that include lighter linen textures are all available to complement more subdued surroundings or to match the fabrics of furniture cushions. Outdoor retreats with tropical themes will receive a boost from table lamps with floral patterns that stand out against bold backgrounds.

Barrel style covers for outdoor lamps offer alternatives to standard cone-shaped shades. Open tops and bottoms let light dissipate evenly while the middles are an open weave to create a surround of low-key lighting. Inner break-proof cylinder enclosures keep bulbs protected from the elements and from tip overs. Woven bands with spindles at the center will fit into casual spaces, and PVC vine designs are natural accompaniments for contemporary patio furniture.

In any style, outdoor table lamps are just the right height to make a grouping more visually interesting. Alone, in pairs or in multiples, each design is a quick and easy way to update any space. By day, weatherproof lamps serve as ornamentation, and they are just as practical for use in sunrooms or interior spaces. Let of any these styles light up the night on a patio, a deck, a balcony or near the pool.