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Natural Wicker Suitable for Indoor, Limited Outdoor Exposure...Well Covered Porches

Our porch wicker furniture adds timeless styling in any area that is indoors or protected from the elements. Sometimes simply referred to as porch wicker, natural material construction includes rattan cane, stick spindling and fibers crafted from the vine’s core. Ensembles are a terrific way to fill any space ranging from living areas and sunrooms to backyard roofed patios, enclosed gazebos or well covered porches (preferably screened in porches). When the weather is great, it is even nicer to enjoy setting up a living space with access to fresh air and the view while taking advantage of rattan’s strength and beauty.

Featured wicker porch furniture sets range in style from coastal classics to modular pieces boasting island inspiration. Finish options also add character with choices in natural and darker hues along with vintage and country whites. Some collections allow for a finish upgrade in neutral, dark, bold and bright color choices. Add a splash of sunshine with sunny yellows, usher in spring green hues or carry out a shabby chic theme with pastels and antiqued off-white hues.

Fill narrow or small spaces with wicker sets that include a sofa, a chair with ottoman and a coffee table for a cozier conversation arrangement. Groupings of a sofa, easy chair, loveseat and matching accent tables will give larger spaces a touch of traditional or modern styling. For traditional tastes, such features as winged sides and camelback arches add a distinctive plantation profile. Sectionals with structured backs, sweeping arms and a tight rattan weave that conceals framework will appeal to modernists. Retaining mid-modern low profiles, indoor and porch sectional sofas with custom cushioning to accommodate four or five guests can fit into corners or be placed away from walls.

In the early 1900s, great wealth drove homeowners to the Eastern coast to stay in resorts and build summer homes. Arising from those few decades of design, stick wicker remains a popular choice today. Spindling in diamond lattice or vertical stick patterns combines with a closer weave to produce traditional veranda, porch, indoor furniture styles that will carry a bit of charm along with a well-loved heritage. Classic features include curving arms and wide-rimmed backs, decorative arching around skirts and wrapped legs with ball-shaped feet.

Wicker for covered outdoor areas and indoor spaces offers an attractive view at any angle. In open arrangements, seating is as attractive from the back as it is at the front. After selecting your wicker porch furniture style and a finish, fabric selections offer additional customization opportunities. Stripes provide a backdrop for festive or relaxed entertaining while vividly detailed florals complement traditional or tropical surroundings. Solid cushion covers make it easy to create a designer look that ties in with other colors in the room.

The yearning to head outdoors when warm weather arrives is easy to solve with the timeless looks of rattan. From the vantage point of a covered patio, porch or sun room, traditional and contemporary porch wicker furniture comes with an invitation for stress-free relaxation.