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French Country Rattan Backpack Basket

Rattan Backpack Basket
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Heading across the French countryside many years ago might have entailed wearing a backpack basket to toss items in along the way. The wide mouth and rounded front tapering dramatically to a narrower base made carrying more comfortable. It could lean against a fence or tree trunk, while its owner gathered fruits and other wild-grown goods. As a classic reproduction, this wall-mount basket complete with rope straps and wood skid is just as engaging in its style and sense of history. As a collectible crafted in rattan, the weave is traditional and retains a natural finish. In entries, kitchens and dining rooms, it can hold long-stemmed flowers cut fresh from the garden or become a permanent container for faux greenery.
  • Cut Outs for Hanging
  • Suitable For: Indoor Use
  • Materials: Natural Rattan
  • Available Colors: Natural in Color Variations as Shown
    This item is made with natural materials

    Colors may vary to some degree from basket to basket, which depends on the time when the materials were harvested
What's Included:
  • (1) Wall Basket
    19w x 12d x 27-1/2h
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