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Capri Wicker Blanket Trunk

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Capri Wicker Blanket Trunk
(L) White - (R) Honey
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  • Capri Wicker Blanket Trunk
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    Capri Wicker Blanket Trunk in large and small pairings are so pretty; they should be on display in sun rooms or living spaces. The distinctive diamond pattern is representative of 1920s furniture weave accents while peek-a-boo circlet trim adds an open look to complement lighter white or honey finish choices. Fill them with throws, pillows and quilts or turn them into hobby and toy chests for bedrooms. Solid wood framing, exposed inside, supports thickly woven rattan panels complemented by wrapped leg fronts, recessed grips and braid details on the outside. From bulky comforters to extra guest linens and towels, this pair can accommodate a variety of items that always seem to take up too much shelf space.