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Since its establishment in 1977, Mainly Baskets has evolved well beyond its namesake products and into fine woven furnishings that are complementary to any decor. The company remains true to its roots of producing premium handcrafted baskets and furnishings while retaining the core team that drew customers to its first productions. Always on trend, these dedicated individuals continue utilizing well-sourced and sustainable materials in the construction process, which has led to numerous feature articles in top design magazines. Customers who make selections here at Wicker Home and Patio Furniture are finding their favorite pieces all in one place. From a widely varied selection of baskets to living room and dining area ensembles, there are styles available to please every palate.

Wicker baskets are among the most versatile organizers for any space, and the handwoven collection featured here includes a delightful range of choices for every setting and every practical requirement. The multitude of sizes, shapes and materials will please any home decorator, and many of these will make thoughtful any-occasion gifts as well. Wicker Home and Patio Furniture is always pleased to present the finest accessories to fit with any ensemble ranging from living rooms and dining spaces to sunrooms and work areas.

From the specialty Mainly Baskets designs available, it is easy to create an entire collection of containers that flow beautifully throughout the home. French Country market baskets, the classic sweater weave baskets and hearth accents are always in demand regardless of the season. Hardier baskets will keep logs and kindling neatly in place, taller containers are ideal for such items as wrapping paper and bolts of fabric and smaller, shallow baskets can sit on counters or tables as catchalls for household items. Wall-mounted baskets and shapely woven jugs are also among the finer specialty choices.

Beyond these accent pieces, Mainly Baskets has proudly expanded into seating that ranges from chairs, sofas and rockers to bar stools and dining room groupings. Upscale ensembles with a mix of wood and rattan peel inlays are versatile choices while coastal classics deliver an heirloom presence to any space. For the ultimate in relaxation, chaises are included, and pairings with coffee and end tables will bring larger ensembles together. Sofas, settees and loveseats are crafted in rattan cane and are embellished with classic patterns that include spindling, braiding and denser weaves.

Mainly Baskets also strives for the unique in its furnishings and accessories. The Orkney Isles collection is an excellent example of precise handcrafting with attention to Scottish authenticity that incorporates dense fiber weaves and rustic profiles. Corner cozy chairs are modernized with symmetrical rattan cane inlays and angular backs. Plant stands, bar carts and writing desks are among the many other offerings that are sure to be enjoyed as useful display pieces for many years to come.

Great pride is taken in Mainly Baskets wicker furniture selections featured here at Wicker Home and Patio Furniture, and that means there will always be a demand for the artistry found in rattan and other premium fiber weaves.