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Weatherproof Outdoor Lamps

Decorative and functional lamps are mainstays of indoor living spaces, and now they can come outdoors to brighten patios and decks. Weatherproof construction and waterproof electrical components add many possibilities for extending the enjoyability of outside areas. Style options varying from traditional to contemporary can complement any home exterior while coordinating with furniture of all types. As late afternoon moves into dusk, lighting can set the tone for enjoying the night air while bringing illumination to seating or dining groupings. Like its indoor counterparts, every outdoor lamp should serve a dual purpose of providing the right type of lighting and fitting in as a style component. This collection includes those important factors with choices in towering or low-profile floor lamps and table lamps to match or act on their own to cast a gentle glow.

In floor designs, standard pole lamps take a subdued approach to accenting with simplified stands that feature sturdy platform bases. They can easily slip into tighter spaces as part of a sofa grouping, but they are equally effective in a corner.

For added dramatic effect, tall floor lamps with shaped bodies are impressive in both size and style. Elongated urn and Asian-inspired body styles remain elegant choices that will instantly transform a grouping when placed with sofas, loveseats and chairs. For more casual settings, taper stands that include tropical themes are just as attractive by day.

Material choices for outdoor floor and table lamps include resin, which can be shaped, textured and colored to mimic natural elements. Resins can also be smoothed to replicate ceramic and metal surfaces with specialty finishes that cast the reflections of a weathered patina.

Shades are the finishing touches for any outdoor lamp. Classic hardback cones complement every base style and include designer colors to fit formal or casual patio decor. Fabric choices with polyester or acrylic fiber construction are resistant to moisture and mildew development. Black shades with and without pleating are popular for any style base, and other colors are just as fashionable in outdoor spaces. Tropical-themed shades with bold, colorful botanicals bring a bit of whimsy to outdoor areas. Barrel shades for outdoor lamps deliver their own brand of casual styling with choices in plastic wicker and winding composite vines that allow a band of light at the middle, top and bottom.

On a smaller scale, table lamps keep nature’s elements at bay while adding perfect ambiance for outdoor living areas. Situated on end tables or placed on consoles against a wall, they are often the pieces that tie a grouping together. Bowl, vase and pole styles feature the same fine components as their taller versions. Cords are long enough for convenient placement almost anywhere, and they are attractive accent pieces for sunrooms or interior rooms.

Mixing and matching or creating a coordinated lighting effect with weatherproof table and floor lamps is all part of an inviting design that will extend the seasonal life of any outdoor setting.