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Colored Wicker Furniture Choices and How They Complement Various Decorating Styles

Rattan and bamboo furnishings in natural finishes are mainstays of a tropical or casual setting. Indoors or outside, the range of light to dark hues showcases characteristics in framework and variations in weaves. We offer color choices in a wider range that makes decorating more exciting and sometimes more challenging. Which colors work best with interior and exterior settings is often a matter of taste, but a basic guide may be helpful in choosing hues that carry out the intended tone of the decor.

Basic Whites, Browns and Their Variations

Crisp whites and basic browns are always in fashion, and they will complement almost every decorating style from traditional to contemporary. As a bonus, they blend with a vast range of wall colors, cushion choices, floor coverings and draperies. When the time comes to redecorate, they just as easily adapt to any new changes.

Antiqued or distressed white and brown finishes bring a different personality to a room’s appearance. These are eclectic choices that can fit easily into shabby chic, cottage, vintage and coastal decor. Even better, they adapt to a broader range of styles when matched with light or dark color schemes. In any treatment, whites and shades of brown are popular gender choices. Starting out in a nursery, they make transitioning into toddler, youth and teen spaces much easier. As children’s tastes change, it is simple to modify surrounding colors, patterns and themes while white or brown furniture continues to fit in.

Pastels Present a Softer Approach for Colorful Wicker Furniture

Buttery yellows, faded blues, sage green and aqua are among the popular pastel choices available in wicker furnishings. Each can evoke a specific response when added as a full ensemble or as single seating choices. Their design adaptability range is also varied. Blue hues are a beautiful choice for coastal settings, and light shades of yellow are cheerful country choices. Green and aqua hues broadcast a peaceful beach-scene tone that would be inviting in sun rooms.

While pastel shades work well with a variety of patterns, they require some care when mixing with other colors. A background of light or dark earthy tones, whites and off-whites may work best on walls.

Bring the Drama with Bold and Bright Wicker Finishes

Bold and bright colors will obviously have the most impact on a space, and some caution is required for placement and when planning to introduce other color combinations. One very popular choice for country decor is a deep antique red. This is one color that may be difficult to overdo in colored wicker chairs, loveseats and sofas as it provides such a rich complement to wood floors and other naturally finished rustic accessories.

Black and navy blue add distinctive silhouetting to wicker furnishings that will appease eclectic to modern tastes. These colors, along with deeper greens, work well in larger spaces and they can pair with bold, neutral or pastel accessories for a coordinated look. Darker shades of brown remove themselves from the earthy palette and can add a touch of formality to casually traditional areas.

Playful and bright colored wicker furniture brings a little fun into the room and immediately draw the eye with their splashiness. Watermelon red, green apple and coral will give sun rooms and living areas a dose of cheerfulness on the drabbest days while maintaining a perky spirit through the warmer seasons when sun is beaming in. Chartreuse is just as attention-grabbing with its retro undertones and the perennial joys of a shade closely associated with springtime.

Dressing up any space involves attention to every detail. Color is the anchor that brings a room together to reflect its owner’s individual taste along with style choice.

Decorating with Wicker’s Boldest and Brightest Colorful Colors

With all-new color trends in wicker, some of the brighter and bolder palettes have become popular choices. From complete furniture ensembles that include sofas, loveseats and indoor accent chairs or loungers to single tables, these cheerful and dramatic hues are big on character and make any decorating project a little more fun. Shades of green, subsets of red, darkest browns and black are among the finish selections that will decidedly make a difference in any room or on the patio.

The Brighter Shades of Wicker

With so many shades of green, it is easy to find a few bright hues mixed in. Thoughts of spring come to mind with choices in Green Apple and Chartreuse. These two hues will definitely stand out as finishes on single pieces and more so with an entire furniture grouping. While vivid, if paired with the right surroundings and accents, they fit beautifully without looking garish.

Chartreuse green with its bold yellow overtones and Green Apple, which is just a little darker by comparison, are almost interchangeable when mixing and matching with other colors. They become crisp and updated when paired with stark white. This combination is the perfect addition for a sun room, but a darker room with the right lighting can also benefit. For a more sophisticated touch, adding beige as an accent acts as a muting color. A little twist on traditional combinations includes the addition of blue, which would work well in a country-modern setting. Retro lovers can inject burnt orange for a trip back in time that is still popular today. Pattern blends can incorporate brighter red, blue and yellow for furniture cushions without overpowering.

Designer shades of red include a Watermelon finish. Not quite fire-engine bright and with pinkish undertones, it is an appealingly vivid color choice for wicker furniture. This hue has a romantic side when it combines with true pinks in lighter tones. Add in white or gold accessories and it becomes even more feminized. For a livelier look, sage green is a wonderful match while adding a third accenting color in blue makes the setting more festive. Gray is the neutral color of choice, which gives watermelon finished wicker a more contemporary look.

Bold Wicker Color Infusions

Darker colors always add an impact, and in colored wicker furniture, they bring bold profiles to any living space. Black, Coffee Bean and Antique Red are all delightful and distinctive choices that fall in this category. While these colors may seem overwhelming, they calm down with the right accent choices.

Antique Red is a country and vintage favorite that also fits into other types of decor. To retain that country cool, however, off-whites and warm brown hues are beautiful coordinating choices that are even more effective with distressed finishes that might include art frames and accent tables. Steel gray is a modernizing accompaniment and darker gray gives antique red some masculinity. Cushions with repeating two-tone patterns really make this shade of red pop.

Black is the most dramatic hue that naturally turns traditional or contemporary wicker furniture into stronger statement pieces. Deep reds as accenting colors add an Asian flair that also mix beautifully with varying shades of gray for dimensional impact. White has always been a popularized choice as a standalone secondary accent, which remains smart without being too stark if handled carefully.

As a darker brown, Coffee Bean provides numerous options to give living areas remarkable new personalities. It can pair with any shade of yellow including cream while greens also make amazing differences. Add in orange for an eclectic look or choose pink, which gives this dark brown shade an entire different cast. As a warmer choice, Coffee Bean also fits well with more formal accent pieces.

While bold and bright colors may be less than tranquil, stirring up a little more energy and excitement may be just what a room needs in updated colorful wicker furniture.