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Wingback Wicker Chairs

Concord Wing Arm Chair

Concord Wicker Wingback Arm Chair

Price: $868.00
19 Frame Colors Available
Bar Harbor Wing Chair

Bar Harbor Wicker Wing Chair

Price: $999.00
20+ Frame Colors Available
Wingback Wicker Chair

Wingback Wicker Chair

Price: $804.00
Harbor Front Wingback Chair

Harbor Front Wingback Wicker Chair

Price: $796.50
19 Frame Colors Available
Williamsburg Wingback Arm Chair

Williamsburg Wingback Arm Chair

Price: $1,088.00
19 Frame Colors Available

Wingback chairs are among the most recognizable style choices in seating. The design has been around since at least the late 1600s when seating was placed around the hearth to retain heat. With their esteemed history, it is only natural that they should be available in wicker and rattan without the need, of course, to protect from drafts. Our collection includes styles that retain their traditional touches along with modernized versions that will find their places in sun rooms, living areas and bedrooms. Traditional wicker wing chairs deliver all the charms of their earlier counterparts. They feature ornate crests with distinctive camel back arching and distinctive angled sides. Rattan wingback chairs make excellent accent pieces for reading corners and, with a table placed in between, create a cozy chat grouping. They also bring their distinctive profiles to living room furniture groupings.

Wicker wingback chairs are so comfortable, they encourage lingering for a few hours. Be prepared with styles that feature wide flat arms. With room for a favorite beverage, the remote or a book, they become the perfect spot for reading or watching TV. Sets with optional ottomans will take relaxation to higher levels. When it is time to nod off, extended wings are there for support.

Add a little extra drama with French Country rattan wingback chairs. Featuring full wicker construction, they offer a continuous upward sweep at the sides and curved comfort at the back. Bolder weaves, inspired by classic basket patterns, make these a wonderful fit for casual lodge decor, fishing cabins or a den. Structured side pouches offer room for reading materials while keeping small items within easy reach.

Classic indoor wing chair styles include a variety of wicker patterns. Some of our cottage designs incorporate bolder diamond weaves along with open spindling or traditional open X insets that provide a lacy look while maintaining solid support. Some seating choices are a solid weave while others are constructed with vinyl web decks. Cushions for seats and backs are included with many styles.

Our modern selections are a bit more refined in silhouette, yet they remain a decorative choice with shaped wings. Modular seats with structured arms and exposed legs give them the opportunity to complement transitional or contemporary decor. They may be understated in style, but they will certainly stand out in comfort and durability.

For more exotic tastes, rattan offers its unique shaping for wingback chairs. They deliver sophistication combined with relaxation as occasional pieces that will whisk you away to a quiet spot on a tropical plantation. Look for natural components including abaca fiber weaves that add a textured dimension wrapped over arms. Wood framing and solid cane accenting will complete the looks of these popular chairs.

Finishes are another way to coordinate with existing pieces and a room’s surroundings. Many of our wingback wicker chairs feature color choices that include antiqued shades, natural stains and the prettiest pastel shades. White and espresso are always timeless options.