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Cottage wicker furniture presents many personalities, which can range from quaint and shabby chic to country rustic or seaside casual. Many of the pieces featured in this highly-collectible category are inspired by the relaxed elegance of early Eastern coastal designs found among the elite as well as vintage-influenced and Victorian selections first popularized among the middle class.

Rattan construction is featured in cottage style wicker collections, which include seating and accent pieces for living areas, dining spaces, bedrooms, baths and home offices. Quality components may also include wood while cabinetry incorporates premium hardware for smooth operation. Cottage-style furnishings are suited from residential spaces, and some manufacturers design for commercial uses as well. Woven accents, which are comprised of rattan peel and core fibers, can also add a tropical appeal to classic styling.

Living and dining areas a natural place to begin creating a cozy, comfortable look with cottage wicker. Sofas, loveseats, arm chairs, rockers, dining room chairs, accent tables and buffets provide the look of groupings that might have been collected over time, yet these are all brand new. From stick wicker with vintage character to fully-woven pieces influenced by the Art Deco era, they are sure to be heirloom pieces going forward. Some of these can even go outdoors onto porches or decks that are well-protected from the elements. Available as single selections or in ensembles, the cottage look is easier than ever to assemble.

Cottage Lifestyle Spirit

For a home filled with cottage wicker, office cabinetry helps create a seamless flow throughout. Open shelving and file organizers along with library bookcases with interiors protected by glass doors are favorite choices. Secretaries are among the traditional desk selections, and they are practical space optimizers as well. Wood construction and paneled rattan weaves on doors remain true to the spirit of cottage lifestyles. No home space would be complete without cottage basketry. Large, medium and smaller sizes will fit into every nook and cranny, and our many wicker selections make charming displays. True to their heritage, these are workhorses as well with construction in rattan or vining that shows off natural color variations. Sturdy enough to use as plant containers, they are amply sized for quilts, throws and pillows too. For tables and dresser tops or in vanity areas, specialty baskets will accommodate a host of smaller items, and they are ideal organizers to keep clutter concealed in any room. Kitchen baskets are popular for their range of unique sizing that accommodates artisan breads, fruits and other goods. Square, round, rectangular or oblong, cottage-style baskets are delightful collectibles.

Versatile Finishes Choices

Classic finishes choices include white and brown, but these are just the beginning among the many decorating options. Rattan readily accepts paints and other finishes, which makes it a versatile choice for a wider variety of decors. For every cottage setting, there is a full palette of colors that will brighten, blend in or complement surroundings along with mixed or matched furnishings. Additionally, a majority of cottage wicker seating includes cushions that come with their own selections of fabrics in solid colors and patterns.

Cottage Wicker Styles & Decor

Cottage wicker furniture and accessories are popping up due to trends in creating cozy retreats that let individuals, couples and families get away from it all at home. The term cottage style is a bit of a catchall that lets designer imaginations move with the flow of comfort that borders on eclectic. With no exact definition to go by, cottage styling can detour into French country, head to the beach or find a nice niche within shabby chic. Wicker furnishings are a natural component to any of these laid-back styles.

Concepts of Cottage Living

Mixing and matching was once the norm for filling a cottage, or second home, with furniture. Today, it has become easier to create a coordinated space, but the shabby chic look remains in favor by many. Remaining true to this trend, pieces might feature distressed finishes and they might seem to have been rescued from a barn or an abandoned farmhouse. Because cottages are typically smaller by definition, many furniture pieces serve more than one purpose, or they can find multiple uses throughout the home.

Wicker Styles for Cottage Decor

Seating, storage pieces and accessories in cottage wicker styling are available for every room in the home. For living spaces or sun rooms, sofas, settees and chairs crafted in rattan feature classic weaves and generous sizing. Coastal collections might include such names as Eastern Shore, Martha's Vineyard and Bar Harbor. The latter, Bar Harbor, also refers to a type of wicker styling featuring open spindling mixed in with tighter woven patterns. For dining spaces, stick wicker sets are true American heritage pieces that gained popularity among coastal resorts of the early 1900s.

No cottage space would be complete without a comfy club or a rocking chair. Some styles are reminiscent of those found on country porches. Others are part of the Art Deco movement in wicker featuring woven diamond inlays and modular shaping rather than rounded backs. When there is room, loungers are another essential for the cottage retreat.

Shelving and cabinetry often blend wicker with wood construction. Bead board, which is a grooved slat design, shows up on side and back panels. Inset weaves in rattan accent door and drawer panel fronts. For bath areas, freestanding and wall mount cabinets keep space issues in mind. Open shelving and curios with glass fronts for living spaces may also be built with a smaller footprint.

For bedrooms, storage is at the forefront with TV stands, armories and nightstands. It is also easy to outfit an office starting with cottage rattan wicker desks and adding filing cabinets along with open shelving.

Accessorizing with wicker is the final touch for any cottage setting. It would be difficult to overfill any space with baskets, as they have so many uses and such a range of styles. From fruit and loaf baskets to larger, deeper containers that hold firewood, baskets are essentials with built-in charm. While there may never be a need for collecting eggs or picking apples, these specialty baskets will certainly find many other uses.

Choosing Cottage Wicker Colors

With all of the latest cottage wicker choices, colors and finishes will play an important role in the style of a room. French country pieces might be more dramatic in vibrant reds or greens, for instance. Whites and pastels with their light and airy hues are signature choices for beach settings. An Americana country cottage look might include vintage shades of deeper reds and darker browns. Natural finishes, to highlight the characteristics of rattan, are timeless choices that can blend with any style and with other color selections.