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Slipper Chairs

Wicker slipper chairs are chameleons of style that can literally slip into any setting. As choices for dining or as occasional seating, wicker retains the shapely profiles of its glamorous predecessors. With a more practical height, they can be decorative accents at desks, become part of a conversation grouping or add a little extra refinement in larger furniture arrangements. Historically, the slipper chair was a Victorian ladyís seating for dressing. Low sloped sides and high backs allowed room for the voluminous skirts and undergarments required for day and evening wear. Material could cascade over the chairís armless sides while providing room to remove shoes or replace stockings. As the short-legged slipper chair began to evolve, it came out of boudoirs and into formal areas with ornate framework, elaborate tufting and velvet or silk upholstery. Of course, this style also translates easily into wicker slipper chairs that can debut in traditional or contemporary settings.

Staying true to traditional decor, chateau chairs are of the manor born with their sloped slipper styling and structured sides. Raised armrests and a rustic weave show a French Country heritage that makes them a favorite for tucking into a reading corner or bringing to the head of dining tables. At the opposite end, Loft slipper chairs are modernized with post legs and mid-height arms that can blend in around many table styles, fit under a desk or find their way into urban living spaces and sunrooms. They can take care of business with grace while giving guests or family members the comforts of timelessly fashionable seating.

Natural finishes will retain their rustic charms that bring a breath of fresh air to city or country decor. Other finish options will dictate each slipper chairís character, turning it into a cottage classic or adding a vintage look. In between, there are choices that will be perfect for coastal settings alongside brighter hues that create fun and quirky touches.

Seat cushions in poly-cotton or muslin are included with our end or armless slipper chairs. Without detracting from this distinctive chair styling, they provide just the right level of comfort. With zipper access, they remove for laundering and are replaceable with fabrics of your own choice.

Every time someone sits in your new slipper chair, they are sure to comment on its comforts as well as its design. You may even find them an addicting choice for use in every room.